Show me your idols and I'll tell you who you are.

Our absurd obsession with the heroic status that disaffected anti-heroic youth hold in this media-soaked society is a sad situation. There are so many instances where alienated, crude – even criminal – people are held up to be paragons of coolness, hotness, and the desirable life that a huge number of members of their global audience have a knee-jerk emotional affection for the stereotype. Countless children, adolescents – and adults who should know better – identify with sociopathological pseudo-role models in the guise of celebrities, entertainers, performers, and pumped-up, hyped-up, immoral athletes – so full of themselves they act as if the rest of us are second-class citizens. And for some reason, millions of us accept the situation as reality.It is to their detriment. And it is our loss. As long as the purveyors of popular culture continue to profit from producing a constant stream of such figures for the consumption of young, impressionable, even chronologically mature minds, these obsessions will continue. Corrupt producers, content creators, marketers, and mercenary artists create the cliches while generations of media-manipulated children and adults eat them up like so much brain candy. Personally, I have come to loathe these stereotypes for what they are – cheap manipulative attempts to popularize losers and examples of how a corrupt cultural hegemony profits by appealing to the lowest common denominator of human urges and behavior.*Image:

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