…the 411

Rather than type something concerning what I have been involved with recently, I’ll take the picture-worth-1000-words option. Here are images of two new paintings.



Image: “Keith’s Energy,” Tullio Francesco DeSantis, acrylic on paper, 2008


Image: “Victor’s Call,” Tullio Francesco DeSantis, acrylic on paper, 2008

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  1. Tiana

    For some reason these two images interested me. All the different types of colors showed me what type of mood you were in when you design this piece of art. The bold and vivid look makes them appealing. The way they layout is also beautiful. These pictures also show how creative your mind was when painting. There are all different types of designs, shapes and, curves. This piece of art could be described in many ways. In the second picture I just had a complete stare; I see arm movements of a bunch of people that are closely together. It seems really odd but that’s what my attention was drawn too. It’s really amazing because these pictures probably have so many different types of meanings. And every human that looks at them will have a different vision of the two.

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