The New Universe 2010: Part One



Time shifts. The surprising spring of 2010 has arrived. The new decade, as reckoned by the fictional clocks and calendars of our consensual world, has produced a spring of astounding clarity.

Now it is clear we also have been transformed. Like a young fox in underbrush, the newly raised consciousness of the entire human race emerged at once without notice. And yesterday – March 20, 2010 – was the day it was first recognized.

Now it is plain to see. Slowly, yet inexorably, the signs of this epochal transformation were welling up all winter. The occasional knowing smiles and bright-eyed glances between friends and colleagues occurred so spontaneously at first that no one could suspect something was up. But something was up. And now, some of us…some of us – we know it!

Some of us… all it takes to join together in creating this utterly wonderful experience. And simply knowing this is what we are doing makes all the difference.

At first, the collaborative spirit spread like a vernal breeze stirring up the leftover leaves of fall- a few seemingly random gyres spinning out here in the chilly countryside or some quirky centripetal vortices happening all at once in the cold cities – people working together to fulfill …their dreams.

And now, in the flourishing of the new year and the new decade, we are caught up in the full velocity of a whirlwind of astonishing force. After so long a barren time, people have a new idea. I can see this in evidence everywhere. I see it in the faces of my students, who are pooling resources and creating brilliant new concepts, experiences, and entities in new media. My friends, my colleagues, those I love – we are all engaged in wonderful collaborative projects.

This paradigm is so new, so fresh, and so unheard of, that as yet, it has no name. It is the clarion call of a new decade and it is a distillation of everything good within us yearning to be free.

In the coming days, weeks, and months, I will say more about all this and the new spirit of collaboration but for now, it’s enough to just look around. It is the spring of 2010 and it’s another absolutely beautiful day…
Image: “The New Universe 2010” digitized ink drawing by Tullio DeSantis, 2009.

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