The New Universe 2010: Part Two



We all share in the existential predicament. This is our solitude. And paradoxically, in this solitude we discover connectedness. For in the depth of our being, we are far more similar than we appear in the outermost reaches of external reality.

Our collaborations are spawned from this awareness of unity. It is discovered within each of us and it is the basis for a new unification of purpose. Because this unified awareness happens in time through a process of unfolding realization, it is progressive and evolutionary.

In the emptiness of mind we discover a vast oceanic consciousness within, which is continuous and contiguous with the infinite and eternal universe of space, time, energy, dimension, and potential. We are empowered by this knowledge and transformed by the experience.

Now in the dawn of a new decade, we look into the mirror of our dreams and see… each other. Unconsciously at first, we are drawn together by inexplicable forces – revulsion for the excesses of blind materialism, mindless violence, the destruction of nature by technology, mass-produced ignorance, meaningless social roles, and the vapidity of culturally produced content. These aspects of our shared experience prod us to search within ourselves for a source of meaning and value to serve as a refuge from the monstrous remnants of the twentieth century.

We meet daily and instantaneously within the global web of interconnected cybernetic communication. There is never- and will never be – a microsecond in which the network is silent. This invisible electronic domain is where our dreams go to spawn. And it is the place to which we return to reconnect with our ongoing plan to be together here, now, and forever. Together within a multidimensional unified-mind field, with each interaction we create a new vision, a new future, and a new universe.


Image: “The New Universe 2010, Part 2” digital mashup: painting by Tullio DeSantis, altered images of NGC253 and printed circuit, 2009.

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  1. lily b.

    The new universe 2010 does look like if you were looking up into a dark night sky. The color of this universe drawing is very midnight with blue, purple, and black. The little dots in this drawing look like little stars up in the night sky. To make more as a night sky look the drawing has a brush of white cross the picture. This made it seemed like a comet just pass by and left a trace. If this did not have a title on picture this would be a very good abstract drawing it would keep people guessing on what this drawing could be. Also for people who are night person they would feel very calm looking at the drawing.

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