The New Universe 2010: Part Three


The first April of the decade is sufficiently gentle to sustain delicate sprouts and shoots with atypical kindness. In this way, nature instructs us to be more kind.
A garden path leads toward a grey stone bench in a corner of my dream. The pale greens of early spring cling to willing surfaces for support. A slim pine shelters soft ferns among exposed roots.
The moist ground at my feet is what remains of the rains of the past week. They fell softly, as if inspired to entrance our waking valley. In the pond below my bench, rippled water shines before me. A young green frog drops beneath the surface. I close my eyes and take a breath.
A billion photons, just eight minutes from the sun, collide on the surface of my skin. A hundred thousand years before their emergence they began the journey, swelling up from within the cyclonic solar center. And Sol itself was born billions of years before that from the remnants of a collapsing spiral of ancient stardust. Ever backward through cosmic time, the far-flung connectivity of matter and energy are rooted in the original instant.
And here on the receiving end of a constant flow of electromagnetic vibration, my mind is impelled to move with the speed of thought. I conceive the notion that the final flourish of cosmic evolution is right here within my eyes. The tips of my fingers are the warm edge of the Big Bang and my thoughts flow forth at the perimeter of the first moment of continuous creation.

Image: “The New Universe 2010: Part Three” digitized ink drawing by Tullio DeSantis, 2009.

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