A Calm Place



Your eyes have arrived here from many possible places they might have landed. It is a good thing to attend to calm, centered, and focused experience in the midst of the welter of stressful activities culture transmits to us on a daily basis.
In the forty-thousand years since humans initiated the transformation of nature into culture – as marked by the creation of the total-sensory-surround environment of the painted caves – we have brought about both astonishingly positive and negative outcomes. We have provided well enough for the material survival of a large number of members of our species, while we have done very little to alleviate our experience of psychological stress. In the continual quest to satisfy physical needs and desires we have added to our levels of stress at an ever-increasing rate.

The evidence from medical science is clear. The major portion of the illness we bear is negatively impacted by stress, stress-related, or directly the result of stress visited upon our minds and bodies. The dysfunctional aspects of living with incremental increases in stress levels are everywhere apparent. Simply establishing a place and time for stress-free experience is ever-more crucial to our well being as individuals and as a species. Without a calm and focused awareness at the core of our being, we spin uncontrollably toward predictable dysfunction and demise.


In this moment, in this space, there is just this gentle field of photons entering your eyes and mind in the form of words on an electronic page. You need only to be aware now of simple things – feeling the easy rhythm of your breathing and the pleasure of a moment of pure relaxation. This is the calm and centered place from which all inner peace and strength arise. In this state of mind, you are filled with clarity. From here you move forward with elegance, grace, confidence, and power. As you move away from these words on this page and go about the rest of your day, keep this feeling within you. These words will always be here to come back to and remind you of this state of mind. And now, you can bring this calm and focused awareness with you and begin to make your life and the world a better place for us all.

Image: “A Calm Place” painting by Tullio DeSantis, 2010 (detail).



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4 responses to “A Calm Place

  1. Sierra

    A Calm Place – January 2012: Very few of us take time out of our week, or even our day, to find a calm place. Lack of this allows us to burn out and become closed off. Colors, textures, temperatures, voices, etc. can all contribute to how calm or stressed you feel at a given time. Eliminating stress can eliminate a number of negative aspects of our day-today life. Some people find it harder than others to quiet the mind, but it is certainly worth the struggle. I feel it is imperative to determine what soothes your senses. The love, compassion, and wisdom you possess within can be clouded by focusing too much on things that do not matter. I have found that working from the inside out, for example, bettering yourself before trying to better others, has the most positive effect.
    It is also interesting how colors play such a large part in influencing our emotions. Color psychology is a whole other subject to consider. Color itself is a form of electromagnetic energy. It is nearly impossible to imagine life without it. It surrounds us and impacts us as much as the weather or the tone of someone’s voice. Spending more time in places, environments, and atmospheres that help calm and enrich us, can change our perspective and state of mind in a more positive/ lasting way than drugs or alcohol. Art is a positive outlet and tool for achieving these effects.

  2. Brenda Litwin

    A “calm place” is something I always am in search of. This piece made me feel I was at the beach (one of my favorite places). The cool water, white sands, seashells and calm. The movement is like the waves in the ocean. The soft colors are soothing. This is great!

  3. lily b.

    The Calm Place is a perfect title for this picture. The light blue background is such a calm color it makes me wants to stop for a second a take a deep breath and let my mind wander for a little. The little brown and white dots is put together well for this picture. The way they have the items set up in the image is very soothing, it not all over the place with crazy zig- zag. You can see the flow of the lines turning to half circles like if wind was blowing very gentle on to the picture. For me I feel like going to the beach after seeing this drawing.

  4. Casey Snook

    This picture really caught my eye. It was first the bright blue background. Then I read the title and I agreed with it. With all the little objects floating around in a rhythm it deffinitly makes it very calm and peaceful. My eye starts from every side of the picture because its like theres really no end. This photo has two visual perspectives, the two lines that almost create a circle is where my eyes go to. This picture is also like a miny collage, it has the same objects following eachother in a path. This picture actually reminds me of sheep jumping over clouds, just because of how peaceful it is and how the blue background reminds me of a sky and the little white objects are sheep. I really like this photo, because of how peaceful it is I could deffinitly fall alseep staring at it.

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