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Our Happiness and the Happiness of Others



We have arrived at the crucial epoch in the evolution of the universe and the creative evolution of our species in which consciousness matters more than material. The great scientific breakthroughs of our time from physics to neuroscience have positioned consciousness – the action of the mind – at the center of both epistemology and ontology.
Neuroimaging technology reveals the complex patterning of mirror neurons as the mind exhibits the subtlest forms of empathic behavior and thought, while quantum physics posits the act of observation as the creative moment in which non-local probability waves of potential collapse into actual particles, energies, and discrete moments of space and time.

Surviving in a quantum-relativistic universe is more about organizing information than material. And organizing information is directly related to human consciousness.

As the world becomes more interdependent the requirement for empathetic interaction increases. To truly understand what it means to be human we must comprehend the deep relationships we share with each other in ways that transcend politics, economics, and materialism.

The most fit will continue to survive. But what it means to be most fit is changing before our eyes. Our survival as individuals and as a collective entity will depend more on developing increased abilities to experience compassion than it will depend upon increasing our tendencies toward competition.

The great discoveries of our time confirm the ancient truth that there is a direct connection between our own happiness and the happiness of others. We are coming to understand that we must learn to love ourselves more than we have been entrained to do. As we are able to feel more compassionately toward ourselves we are able to feel compassion for others in ways that make the world a better place for us all to live, work, play, and find our way together.


Image: “Compassion” digital painting by Tullio DeSantis, 2010.



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