We Are One

“Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.” – Mother Teresa
Everything around us connects us to one another. There is no empty space between us. The air that fills my lungs for this few moments will soon fill yours. When we are near enough to each other I can feel your warmth. We radiate in infrared. I catch your scent – molecules of you entering me.

Waves of light and sound bounce between us in electromagnetic embrace. Everything I know of you I know because some part of you has entered me. And all you know of me is within you.

Our brains are attuned to each other’s frequencies by sets of mirror neurons replicating not simply our external images but experiencing each other’s inner life. I affect your feelings and you are affecting mine.

There is a connection between our suffering and the suffering of others – our happiness and the happiness of others. We are separated by the merest veil of illusion – in the shallows of our solitude. The river of our connectedness runs deep.



Take a few moments. Relax within yourself. Sense the slow movement of your breath. Feel your heart beat. Allow yourself to simply experience being alive in a very simple way. Accept yourself as a perfect expression of the world and universe of which you are a part. Forgive yourself for things you may have done in the past. They are long gone. Love yourself with all the love in your heart.

Think of someone else as someone just like you – someone connected to you in some way. Allow yourself to feel for that person in the same way you feel about yourself.

Let these feelings move outward from yourself until you can feel a sense of compassion for all humanity. The pathways of emotion are no different than the fabric of space and time, the waves of light and sound, the molecules and atoms of material which surround us and connect us.

When we forget the depth of our connectedness and go aground in the shallows of the spirit, a simple reminder is sometimes all it takes to bring us back to each other and to our common humanity. This is something we can do, very easily, for each other. We can remind each other of what is real.
YouTube Video: Mirror Neurons


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