Night Vision



galaxies whirl over the frozen pond

white sparks
stream from an old coal shovel

straight up against the wind

I see light

from across
the universe

photon embers
of the big bang

fill the sky
to the edge of the moon

a deer on the

looks into my

we share a

in that cold

between two

Image: “Night Vision” by Tullio DeSantis, altered ink drawing, 2011



Filed under Poetry

2 responses to “Night Vision

  1. Tracey Davis

    The patterns seem to appeal to me. Darkness look like night.

  2. Scrolling down I stopped at this composition because it reminded me of something. This composition reminds me of those times when I have my eyes closed and I see those little floaters going around, but I can never look straight at them because they scurry away. As for the poem bellow it, it reminds me of a moment of fear shared between the individual and the deer. The phrase “Like a deer in headlights” comes into my brain because of the lights described in the poem. Overall, this is another wonderful piece Tuillio.

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