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Pery Burge and I have completed a
new multimedia music video, entitled “Being”. As is true for the entire series,
I create the soundtrack, and Pery creates the visual imagery.

“Being” is very lush and
rich – full of living color and texture. And it is cosmic in the way light and the
flow of fluid forces interact. Pery’s images bring my music to life. And my music
adds an orchestral dimension to her inspiring visuals.

This is how Pery describes the
work in her Chronoscapes blog:

Tullio’s music has a relaxed, meditative quality, which made me think of new
ways of expressing links between the cosmos and life forms here on earth. I
could see connections between new planets and cellular life forms coming into
existence, and wanted to express the slow, inexorable quality of this birth
process – a gradual unfolding of events.
The whirling galaxies that recur throughout the video are analogous to a
kind of ‘wheel of life’, and we see similarities of pattern and form at all

Pery’s visuals were generated
during her tenure as artist in residence in the Thermofluids Lab in the College of Engineering, Mathematics and
Physical Sciences, at the University of Exeter in the UK. I make this music using
a combination of acoustic and electronic instruments and audio software. We
have been sharing files and building the multimedia works through a series of
file transfers and Internet communications.

hope you enjoy “Being”.

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