Compassionate Life


on the very few things that count – living things.

happiness does not issue from attachments.

are, at heart, simple beings.

Many thoughts are the product of fear – anticipation of what may occur at any given
moment, worry about things not turning out well, desire to control what is out
of our control, fear of loss.

drains our energy and our strength.

fear, our power is all ours.

care of yourself and those around you.

moment spent in appreciation of what you have is a moment of bliss.

one can take the real things you possess away from you.

You have them now and in every moment.Allow yourself to feel what others are feeling.We have this capacity in our very neurons.It is one of the best things about being human.We can help to reduce suffering in the world by simply caring more for ourselves and others.Without compassion, this vast networked machine we are creating will have great intelligence. But it will be an inhuman place.We will not want to live within it.By then, we will have no choice.

Image: “Compassion” by Tullio, altered ink drawing, 2012


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12 responses to “Compassionate Life

  1. Chastity Alavrez

    You are right. We at times need to let go of fear. Fear builds up negative thoughts and emotions, for yourself and others. It’s important to appericate ourselves and others.We tend to take life for granted, and not truly appericate in life what really matters. Having compasion,and learning to appericate, is what makes a better person.

  2. Gabriella Wertheim

    People everyday take the things in their life for granite. The question is how do we stop it? How do we stop ourselves from changing our though process and turning everything negative into a positive thought? I think that this a lovely statement and beautiful post so people can start thinking about their lives and how they live about them. I know when i read it, it made me rethink about how I look at my life.

  3. Rebecca Kline

    Compassion is truly, a mysterious ability within each of us that makes it possible to understand or feel empathy for the suffering of others. It is that instinctive and selfless awareness that is basically a part of human love. Yes, compassion is the tie that binds every human being to each other and is the common center of all religions and community structures. Even compassion does not acknowledge the artificial barriers we place between ourselves and others. So, when you give lot of importance to someone in your life, you lose your importance in their life.” Is it true? No, as quote by Joseph Norris, “do a deed of simple kindness; though its end, you may not see, it may reach, like widening ripples, down a long eternity.”

  4. Caitlin P

    All these concepts are spot on, i couldn’t agree more. You’ve got to focus on you, because everyone else is doing the same thing, if you’re not on you who is? Just like taking care of yourself, if you’re not who is? Too many people depend on others for every need even happiness, but if you can’t make yourself happy and you don’t know what makes you happy how could you expect anyone else too, your life is your life, you make it as it is, better make the best of it or you might never really live.

  5. I truly like this poem it inspire me alot . I find my self at time concerning about things that i cannot fix. However like the poem state we have to focus on ourself and others which is very truth. We need to spent time appreciate what we have rather that what we don’t have. Sometimes i also find my self trying to control things that are out of my control. This poem really change my outlook on a lot of things.

  6. Christopher Warner

    A big part of the human experience is our interaction with each other. Making these interactions pleasant makes the world a much better place. Let go of fear and take care of yourself and others equally. Balancing this takes much practice but is very important and helps everything move along much more smoothly. Life is beautiful if you make it beautiful. This is what I get from your words.

  7. Juana Marmolejos

    “Compassionate Life,” is very inspiring, It targets directly on topics that makes us want to analyze and reflect on our very own lives. As if the answers and solutions to our problems lay within these “simple” agglomeration of well-written and deep words. It talks about our focus, happiness, fear, strengths, energy, appreciation, and capacity, all things that we confront in our daily lives.
    Focus, is something that we tend to loose very easily. “Compassionate life “ condenses focus, to two simple words that together have great meaning “living things”. My interpretation of “livings things”, are the people who believe in you, depend on you and have faith in you, and vice-versa. People, animals, plants and any other living thing that you can make a difference for the best in their lives and at the same time in yours, are always worthy of focusing on.
    “Compassionate Life”, opens our eyes as to what we really should prioritize in. It talks about our happiness and also provides us with the answer on where not to look for it. We are certainly not to look for happiness in the attachments that this materialistic world has to offer. As stated in “Compassionate Life”, “we are simple beings” and as so, I believe that even a simple smile can suffice to make us happy.
    “Compassionate Life”, helps us identify that “fear” is what blocks us from viewing our capacity and reaching our goals. We must learn to appreciate and be grateful for all and every moment of our lives, good and bad, for this, is what makes us, who we are. “Compassionate life” reminds us that we are blessed with the capability to experience and embrace other people’s feelings as if they were our own and that’s what makes us human.

  8. Sierra

    We often forget the most important things in life are not things. We are surrounded by so much that distracts us from the true meaning of life. Simply opening your mind/soul to the concept you’re describing here, can really change one’s perspective.

  9. Joshua Goretzke

    I enjoyed the poem and think art work goes nicely with it. The center of the piece is softer like the feelings and those closest to you, you have softer and more intimate feelings for. As you get farther from the center or those close it becomes more rugged like your feelings. Toping it off with a black border of isolation from those outside your circle.

  10. Lindsey Snyder

    I really like this poem a lot. I totally agree that everyone needs to let go of fear and not let it run his or her own lives. We tend to take life and everyone around us for granted. We tend to not appreciate everything in life that matters to us. By opening up we can stop worrying about the things we cannot fix and we can focus on ourselves and the others around us that mean so much to us. I think the art piece goes well with the poem also.

  11. Will Patti

    I like the picture in this post, but the poem that went along with it really spoke to me. I always try to not let fear control me and just live for the moment, but that is not always easy to do. So reading it was just a reminder to always just do your best.

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