New "Biology"

Here is a new version of the
multimedia piece, “Biology”, created by Pery Burge and me earlier this year. In
this version, the text appears on screen.


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2 responses to “New "Biology"

  1. Katie Kearney

    From years of studying biology and its relations, this media is appealing to me. I do not think I have ever actually taken the time to realize how many different variations of art are in front of me when researching and studying varies subjects in the biology world. When I hear bio-holographic self-image, I think of the human eye. The color of the eye is often never a solid, rather a variation of different colors surrounding the pupil. Starting from the center, the color blends into another shade. In the video, where the colors are blending and flowing together, it’s like the demonstration of the creation of pigment in an eye. Another example of color shades in biology that I have simple over looked is body tissues. The creation and colors that are in the images of skin tissue are unbelievable. Being forced to memorize and remember what each tissue is, I and many others I am sure have over looked the art within the image of a tissue. To think that this kind of art is a part of me is really quite appealing and interesting. Not only are these subjects important in the living and healthy aspects of our lives, but appreciation for being created with such art is remarkable. The old saying, “Beauty is not only what is on the outside, but on the inside also,” is better understood and appreciated when taking the time to see the art of the human body. This video does justice and helps juggle the thought of biology being more than just a subject of hair pulling, headaches.

  2. Brittany Setley

    Since I am a nursing major, I love this video. I love science, especially anatomy and physiology. This video reminds me of all the different processes in the human body. The abstract images in the video remind me of digestion of food in the stomach and intestines. It reminds me of how the food starts out as big chunks and slowly gets broken down into smaller and smaller molecules. This video also reminds me of certain bacteria that I learned about in microbiology.

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