Do The Neuron


“Do The Neuron”
ARTologyPOD podcast:

image: “00001000” – Tullio – 2013



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7 responses to “Do The Neuron

  1. Derrek Rhoads

    When I look at this one, it reminds me of the three trees in the other piece I looked at. This one though makes my mind wonder into a different direction, instead of see what is inside the object, my mind wonders to where this one goes. It is almost like a firework that starts small, then goes up and blows up into a thousand pieces of light.

  2. Renee Key

    “Do the Neuron” March 2013 T-TH Intro. Draw. Renee Key 6/22/13

    Do The Neuron”, reminds me of the song from the Eighties by the Pointer Sisters. As Neuron’s dance around in our bodies sending pulses, they are doing the neutron dance. Pulsing and striking each limb as it moves the body. The nerve of you neuron, to be so bossy. Doing the neuron, creates our moves, so everybody get up and groove.

  3. David Meyer

    An electrifying, neuro- transmitting, microscopic, synapse explosion magnified in black and white manifesting neural impulses electronic signals to my brain. High levels of serotonin and dopamine being released, a possible reaction to a foreign substance, creating simulation to the visual senses, Wiggly dendrites tickling and tantalizing the senses from within, make this I very interesting piece to me.

  4. erica

    This piece reminds me of a tree falling you can see the roots and everything.

  5. Courtney H.

    When I first saw this one, I also thought it looked like a tree falling. And because it doesn’t look like the trees we’re used to, it gives me that feeling of uncomfortableness, because it’s not balanced. The tree in general looks as if it is falling but the leafs also make me think that. I think that because the leafs look closer together on the underside and spaced farther apart on the top. And also because the leafs on the underside look as if they’re pushed upward. All as if the leafs on the tree are catching air on its way down. This piece is also different because it’s a tree with no color. It’s nature, but black and white.

  6. Nolan L.

    When I first looked at this I saw a tree, but the closer I looked I began to see began to see waves and it almost began to turn into an ocean scene. I can see fish where I originally saw leaves. There is even a very defined lobster claw at the top. There are many things to see in this piece. One could certainly argue that there is an electricity throughout the artwork.

  7. Kandyce Clark

    The series of images of Neurons posted reminds me of the stages of life. in this first one we could interpret this as a newborn’s mind. All the mechanics are there but very little experience to make connections. Then there is the image of two neurons and it depicts someone a little older, maybe a toddler. And the image with the three shows maybe the mind of a teen. Lots of information but not yet fully integrated.

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