I, Neuron


Image: 00001001 – Tullio – ink drawing – 2013


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7 responses to “I, Neuron

  1. Meghan

    Of course this piece of art draws me in. Currently, being a student who is studying Dental Hygiene, I am taking a class called anatomy and physiology. Learning about neurons is a crucial part of Anatomy and Physiology. A neuron is a highly specialized nerve cell that conducts nerve impulses. This piece of art does a great job expressing the dendrites, the body, and the axon of the neuron. It is interesting to learn how this neuron works and by looking at it, it tells you a lot about how it functions.

  2. Jared DeFrees

    I am currently in a psychology class and we talked about neurons and what they are made of and how they work. The image displayed very closely resembles what a neuron looks like. The top of the image, right before it stems, would be the dendrites and the body of the neuron. The stem part would be the axon, flowing into the axon terminals. Also, the patterns within the texture always seem to catch my eyes. Very nice image.

  3. Larissa Jones

    It really does look like a neuron, reaching out its “branches” and sending out its impulse signals. I start to think of the human anatomy and how everything needs to work together as one and if it doesn’t our bodies are nothing but fleshy dolls.

  4. jennifer rivera


  5. erica

    Even though this piece does not have a black background it still reminds me of like a scary forest type tree.

  6. Keith

    I really like this piece because of its complexity as a drawing in relation to the complexity of how neurons work. Neurons are what make us feel and think as human beings. They are essential to life. I like the thought of how one can take two simple objects, ink and paper, and make something so complex that requires attention and thought process. My neurons are active right now as I am looking at this image and writing about it.

  7. Celia Torres

    I find this picture very interesting. I like the use of stippling to create the neuron, axon, and dendrites. It has a lot of movement to it that keeps my eyes wandering about the piece. And the more I look at it, the more it reminds me of a palm tree with the axon being the trunk and the dendrites acting as the branches and leaves on the palm tree.

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