tres neuronas



Image: 00001010 – Tullio – 2013


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14 responses to “tres neuronas

  1. Tami

    I found myself looking at this differently then others I have in your collections. I can build a story around your art here. It is something that I can find myself being able to loose myself in as I look at it. Thank you. It was for me a moment of almost meditation. I was able to put away my rush of the day while reflecting on your art.

  2. Hailey

    I agree with Tammy here, the movement of the neurons are so soothing and calming, i enjoy this piece more with the black background than the one with the white background. Maybe this is because the black is not harsh on the eyes when veiwing it. It is very natural and i like that about it.

    • Tami

      Thank Hailey. I enjoy the single one too. The black is a great background color. But red, would make it pop I think….Have a great week.

  3. Larry

    To me this is the beginning of a scary forest. The white trees representing the long slow walk into the light that people say they have seen in near death experiences. The darkness representing death itself. This is a forest that most people do not want to enter. I do not see the neurons that the title suggests.

  4. Tyler Smith

    I enjoyed this piece immensely! it was very calming and reminded me of a tropical calming feel! it also reminded me of the stars at night. awesome piece of art!

  5. Derrek Rhoads

    I would say this I another one of those pieces that I can kind of stare at, and it will evolve. At first glance I see three trees, but then inside each shape I see more things evolve out of it, like shapes and objects.

    • Tami

      I agree. I think that when it comes to art, I like art that leads me to think, not something to just make me see a isolated subject.

  6. Tara Ruhl

    I think this piece is very interesting. It’s not just three objects but what you see inside of the object. The trees look like something that you would see in a jungle of maybe on another plant. They remind me of something foreign and familiar at the same time. They could also be in that book called “Where the Wild Things Are? They are a wild look to them.

  7. Joshua Goretzke

    This is a piece I could see hanging in my home. It is eye catching and allows you mind to wonder for sometime on it. However the empty background dose make it bolder and pop more, but I would like to have seen more detail. Maybe just minor accents here and there of different colors or some white highlights to make the eye continue to move around the border.

  8. Becca

    I really enjoy this one. Specifically the way the white highlights the black. It creates and unique picture for my eye to look at. Even though just looking at this piece I know immediately that it is a picture of trees.. My eyes still keep wanting to look as if something new will pop up.

  9. Eileen Escalante

    The piece is very interesting. The image reminds me of the infinitive connections the mind has within itself. The image conveys three different sections of the brain and how they connect and affect to other sections like in the image. The background is perfect because represent a dramatic contrast in the piece of art.

  10. erica

    To me this piece could be a forest or some kind of animal i just love the way you can make my imagination go out deeper than i knew it could go.

  11. Jennifer

    I like this piece. It makes me think of trees in a fairy tale and lets the mind wander and explore its own meaning. Without the color to define what it is, it leaves the brain open for its own conclusions to it. I love the way the pattern flows in this.

  12. Haven

    I find this piece very interesting. By the name I see that you meant for it to be seen as 3 neurons but I see much more. I also see 3 palm trees. The tops also look like peacock feathers because of how you did the stippling while the bottoms lo ok like bird’s feet. Upside down it looks like streams of liquid splashing onto the pavement. Also while upside down, it reminds me of tree roots and the trees aren’t as grown as they should be, rather because they have been trimmed or they aren’t growing at the rate they should or perhaps they’re sick. Who knows. Many wouldn’t they to look at this piece from several angles as I am but it interests me to look from different perspectives when a piece is symmetrical one way and not the other. Your piece is symmetrical horizontally but not vertically. So it leaves me to wonder what it looks like the opposite way. Turned to one side, it looks like an illuminated letter E you would find in medieval writing or story books. What I still wonder is why you decided to portray neurons in this piece. Why were neurons worthy of your time and effort? Do you hold them in some kind of high regard because of their purpose in our brain or did you just wonder how you would depict them? And why black and white? I usually see colors when people depict the inner workings of the human brain. Why not in this one?

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