we were not ready for singularity

encountering pieces of each other

embedded in matter feeling through flesh

nerves in real fingers sending out signals

straight into space

endless encoded pulses

moving images virtual maps

waves in waves field equations

complex narratives simple stories

fear and dreams what we were

moving in parallel views

observing the unravelling

streaming through quantum tunnels

reassembled as avatars living in screens

erecting electronic crypts

in cyber-landscapes

doing ourselves in


it was not technique we lacked

we simply underestimated the task

uploaded into smaller and smaller containers

we have nearly disappeared


-Tullio, 2013


Image: singularity – Tullio – 2013


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14 responses to “self-programmed

  1. Tyler Smith

    highly enjoyed the written piece that went along with the pic!

  2. Alexandra

    I think that the picture that you provided with the writing piece go great together.

  3. The picture certainly represents your poem very well!

  4. Tami

    I agree that the art and words compliment each other. Your words in this work gave off a energy almost, as I read them.

  5. Abigail Melendez

    It’s interesting to think that we are becoming more and more like the technology that consumes us, or at least that’s what I got from this poem. The art piece is engaging and I feel it goes well with the last two lines of the poem.

  6. James

    Your art really caught my attention on this piece. It almost seems to be moving and it looks really cool. I may disagree with the third to last line of the poem however, I feel that we do get sucked into all the evolving technology but we do know exactly what we are getting ourselves into with it.

  7. rm.

    Gazing at this piece, I feel like it’s an illusion and you’re trying to play a trick on the viewer. I can’t stare at one place on this piece for too long or else the picture begins to bend my mind. I can see the middle strobing in and out and I’m captivated by it. I also agree with other posts that the poem fits hand in hand with your pen and ink drawing.

  8. Tracy Boarder

    I like the illusion of depth or shape given in this image… It can be seen in two different ways, exploding outward like a supernova… our beginnings as the exploding stars give us the star stuff that makes up our bodies, or tunneling inward, the data pipe leading to humanity’s eventual technological singularity.
    The use of color in this one also helps to add to the illusion, giving it a sense of motion, no matter which way you view it.

  9. Sierra

    We play varying roles in the lives of each person we meet. You are a different person in every set of eyes. We are constantly bouncing off of each others thoughts and emotions. The population as a whole, requires interaction and multiplicity to thrive and advance. We have become far too individualized to the point where we cannot connect with one another properly.

  10. Shane

    I really like this, it reminds me of when I was little and I was taking a tub bath, watching the water go round and round. This is so mesmerizing I can just stare at this a see difference things each time. Its simple but wonderful. Thank you Tullio DeSantis for sharing you art.

  11. The picture and poetry is very intriguing and memorizing. They both make me think on how we are programmed in our lives. We are living each day on some type of time schedule and structure. Counting the hours and minutes having planned work Sometimes in life we all need to step back world

  12. Blog 3
    This picture and poetry had me thinking of the following. Sitting on top of the mountain, I watch and gaze at the morning activity of a society in the rush off to work. Programmed mind control of the world lived in by this media filled world. I watch and comprehend the acts and followers of this every day event, Until finally ashes to ashes and dust to dust.

  13. I believe that very individual’s mind is like a unique software/program that is written based on personal experiences, and it stores every moment’s reactions, and feelings. Which is why we often act without even thinking as if we were in autopilot. And as we continue to live we will learn new skill that will help mankind’s evolution.

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