00001100 (matrix – synchrony)





00001100 (matrix – synchrony) – Tullio – ink drawing – 2013


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9 responses to “00001100 (matrix – synchrony)

  1. Marianna Mello

    From my perspective this piece brings back a sense of nostalgia from my childhood. The intricate points create an organic rhythm. When playing in my back woods I would find complex termite carvings in the fallen trees and always trace them with my finger wondering how they came to be. As I grew up I found out the culprit to the foreign art which made the work appear to more beautiful and interesting. This work somewhat simulates the same alluring trance that caught my eye in the first place. Thank you for sharing Tullio.

    Mari Mello

  2. Meghan

    When I look at this piece of art, I first thought of even cuts. When I thought even further about this fact and looked at previous replies, I thought of how I could relate this piece to rhythm. When I was younger, when numbing my brain with the media of today on television I would always keep a rhythm with my feet on the stand near the TV when I was lying down. Now that I think of that instance, I think that I may have OCD. Everything had to be equal. I had to tap the one foot the same amount of times that I tapped the other. I would become frustrated after a few minutes and would tap my feet as fast as possible to lose track to break the cycle. I find it interesting because no one can be perfect. I have such a concern with making my artwork perfect and also really anything in life. I need to teach myself to not become obsessed with how perfect I would like things to be. Perfection in not always achievable.

  3. Cynthia Gingerich

    I am really attracted to this piece. I first saw trees and sunbeams teeming with forest life. Then I could see a structure like the Parthenon, with the strong vertical “columns” and shading above and below. I think I enjoy it because it combines a sense of man-made structure with an organic texture. The basic shapes are repeated, but the internal patterns are varied. I will probably continue to see more as I look at it, it reminds me of watching clouds roll by, though this work doesn’t change shape, it seems to as I look at and study it. (I think I would prefer it with a black border.)

  4. Tyler Smith

    Another piece that i enjoy simply because it reminds of older cultures so to say. something simple yet highly complicated all at the same time.

  5. Tracy Boarder

    This is definitely an image that requires a lot from the viewer to interpret. It could be a picket fence in a snowstorm, color reversed as the fences and snow are black against a white background. It could also be train tracks, or thread tying two pieces of fabric together. I’m trying to think of a scientific or technological interpretation, something to match with the title, but I’m honestly drawing a blank here.
    00001011, 00001100 – Counting down from eleven to nine in binary code over nine days… If I were a conspiracy theorist, I’d be trying to figure out what this all means, especially as you jump back up to 00001101, or ten, eight days later… Hmm, now my brain hurts. 🙂

  6. Larissa Jones

    When I look at this I think back to times at my grandparents and my mind just started to try and make small random pictures out of it. I had to adjust my eyes to make myself stop and started to be reminded of binary code and of course the matrix. I like the fact that its monochrome instead of the expected green to me it stands out much more this way.

  7. josha goretzke

    This piece is enjoyable to look at, and puts into perspective a lot of the aspects of drawing you taught us this summer. Your eye never stops wondering thought this piece. All the broken and differ line movements and great contrast. I would of like to seen areas a little darker, but I think that’s just my taste for darker pieces of work and the dramatic effect they bring.

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