00001101 – Tullio – ink drawing – 2013


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5 responses to “00001101

  1. Tyler Smith

    This picture reminds me of two things. the first is the sun. the way it is swirling and seems to have a darker circle half way in resembles it to me. it also reminds me of something that someone would see in a more ancient art like a mayan drawing or a image put on a cave. love how just a picture can make the mind relate to any number of things.

  2. Stanley Curry

    This drawing reminds me of how I feel sometimes. All tightly packed close to the center, then thinning out and evaporating the farther I get from myself. I see little parts of me drifting away every day and just want to reach out and try and pull them back. I hope the parts that get away do the world some good.I must not have needed them anyway!

  3. Garrett Wenrich

    This picture is very interesting it certainly keeps me entertained with all the movement. I like how the dots are more scattered towards the end of the piece and they seem to get closer and closer as they move towards the center. It almost creates a maze like effect that my eyes just seem to keep wanting to solve. The more I look at the piece the more objects I seem to see within the arrangement of the dots also, I don’t know if that was intentional or not but it certainly makes it for an interesting piece.

  4. Clinton Faust

    This piece of artwork is very interesting as the depth it conveys. Following the underlying movements, the object drew my attention right to the center where multiple layers of movement seem to take control of the art and keep your eyes constantly moving around. I find it very unique how the artist can visually how a piece like this will look, and then create it using several levels of depth to illustrate the illusion.

  5. Tiana

    This artwork is very mind stimulating. There are so many ways to describe it. In fact I can’t stop looking at it because it’s so interesting I keep on finding something new within the artwork. But other than that it reminds me of a circular object and a bunch of dot and other circles helping to form it. Who ever knew that artwork could be made up of dots and be so fascinating. Ever hear of the saying “There’s no I in Team.” Well I feel like that saying is compared to the artwork all the dots that make up the center of the circle are together and portray a better image together rather than the ones that are spaciously forming in the outer space of the artwork.

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