“Self” – Tullio – acrylic on mirror – 2013



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4 responses to “Self

  1. Tracey Davis

    The details and the depth of field appeared to make. I believe that’s a great title self it appears a stand alone and get noticed!

  2. Edgar Tafolla

    I feel a void in this piece. I feel like I’m looking over an unpopulated foreign planet. The little formations ignite my imagination. Maybe the are rock formations or craters. I find this picture simple but it can have a lot if you let you imagination go into the void.

  3. Cierra

    The title of this piece proves to be fitting for if I were able to gaze upon it face to face, I would see myself looking back. The canvas allows a different perspective for each observation. What would I see with a sea of acyclic decorating my face in a puzzle of ordered confusion? Would each dot tell a story like a place on a map or would it scream uncertainty engulfed in a never ending cycle of 360 degrees?

  4. Daulton Strouse

    This piece seems to give the sense of emptiness or bleakness or possibly confusion. The duller colors seem to give this emotional effect while the mirror seems to add the effect the dots are almost in movement and is almost blurry. I really like this piece and the title fits because it can describe the confusion or emptiness everyone can feel at times.

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