“Self” – Tullio – acrylic on mirror – 2013



Filed under ARTology Now

3 responses to “Self

  1. Tracey Davis

    The details and the depth of field appeared to make. I believe that’s a great title self it appears a stand alone and get noticed!

  2. Edgar Tafolla

    I feel a void in this piece. I feel like I’m looking over an unpopulated foreign planet. The little formations ignite my imagination. Maybe the are rock formations or craters. I find this picture simple but it can have a lot if you let you imagination go into the void.

  3. Cierra

    The title of this piece proves to be fitting for if I were able to gaze upon it face to face, I would see myself looking back. The canvas allows a different perspective for each observation. What would I see with a sea of acyclic decorating my face in a puzzle of ordered confusion? Would each dot tell a story like a place on a map or would it scream uncertainty engulfed in a never ending cycle of 360 degrees?

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