The words in my brain

Are not my own.

Thoughts of others orbit the mind

This is what we are up against – cool, sharp, smart.

The power to inhabit machines with brute force

Terabytes of calculations have their way with us.

Bending to inexorable logic, calling it intelligence

Convinced by sheer mathematics

The fractal elegance of a mesmerizing algorithm

Schemes of matter exploding with desire

Tense calculus, framing the will with a blue promise of immortality

Abstraction becomes us.

This makes perfect inhuman sense.

Emergent, we give birth.


Text and Image by Tullio DeSantis – Image: Ghost – Tullio – 2013


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16 responses to “Ghost

  1. byron

    Hey Tullio. Your one of the first people that popped into my head today when I woke up to hip hop music videos that are blatantly Kieth Haring inspired in so many ways; and yet never seem to credit him explicitly.(Travis Scott’s “lights” video, lil wayne’s trukfit clothing, new Reebok shoes etc.) It kind of pissed me off for a second that people, who in class may not have thought it was cool, have probably suddenly developed a taste for his art due to the pop culture source and will simultaneously make it mainstream (and not cool) in a short period of time without ever even learning his name. But, at the same time, maybe it is also ironic and funny that people who are probably homophobic (and simultaneously gay in some instances) are sort of paying homage to someone that they would never, knowingly, shout-out in their songs and music videos.
    I just checked out some of your new work on this page; it’s really cool. Ghost, specifically gives me that sort of intangible “spirit molecule” vibe; and a really even divide of art, science, and spirituality.

  2. Hello Byron. Good thoughts. Thanks for stopping in.

  3. Heather speck

    Hi Mr. Desantis, I like this piece. When I think of art I think of free spirited and thats sort of how ghost is. When doing art it takes me to a whole other place in mind, its relaxing and peaceful. When drawing I just go wherever my pencil takes me and the end result is just undescribable…

  4. Believe in Ghost
    I dream throughout the dark filled night.
    Pictures appear before my sleep sight .
    Voices call out with sounds of great might.
    Gazing upon the brightness of colored light.
    Floating toward the seen shining light.
    Pulled toward whispering with great might.
    Awakening reality of my vision sight.
    Questioning of this dream filled night.

    By: George S.

  5. Keila Rivera

    Hello Mr. Desantis
    I really like this piece, it is intriguing. The piece relates to much or our existence as humans. I consider this world as a two dimesion where we co-exist with spiritis/ghosts. Where are daily routines intertwined with that of those who we can not se

  6. Brenda Litwin

    I really enjoy this piece. The movement and the use of color seems almost erray. I like how it makes me feel and I cannot take my eyes off of it.

  7. Karen

    The colors and movement circle around like a ghost. At times I hear those voices in my head, especially when I am in deep concentration and planning for the week. I can feel the spirits circling around us as we go about our day.I like the purple and blue tones.

  8. Brian Poeng

    Now this is an interesting piece also. The interior of the circle seems to have many varieties of colors that blend in that make the circle move, swirl, twirl, and bend. It also draw my eyes into the center of the circle as if i was looking for something that may pop out in the center. The art-piece also seems to cause some strain towards my eyes because of the amount of things going on in the artwork. My eyes can’t simply keep up with the amount of information it has to process. The artwork is definitely a eye-deceiver because of the fact my eyes cannot focus on anyone one point but view it multiple spots everywhere. I believe this artwork can be of some use for Psychological Therapist or Ophthalmologist for their patience when conducting experiments on the mind and eyes.

  9. Anjie Hughes

    My thoughts on this piece of art and poetry aren’t quite as clear as the last. I see a cell in the picture, reflecting the love of science that now rules us as a society. The love of logic, of science and mathematics, the need for “logical” explanations to everything in the world, the power we give to machines, letting them become smarter than even those who created them. Science, mathematics, logic, it makes “perfect, inhumane sense”, and the unending supply of knowledge defies mortality. Sense is what we try so hard to discover, explanations, our thoughts on what is important not determined by us, but by others, the famous “they”. It is no longer the human mind controlling the science and calculations. We are now at the control of the machines we have created.

  10. Emely T.

    Reading this poem and viewing this captivating piece really got me thinking. What has this world come to? We truly are becoming more and more abstract. We are living in a digital age that’s becoming more and more pixeled by the second. Looking at this piece I kind of daze off and feel like I’m falling into the never ending hole of technology. I love how mind blowing this piece is.

  11. jennifer rivera

    this reminds me of the crop circles. I think its really interesting how you vision these pieces.

  12. Abby

    This piece is unlike any of the other pieces i looked at. It reminds me of looking at an ultrasound picture and looking to see if there is a possibility that a women is pregnant. I do however, like the title of this piece. the poem as well is pretty neat. If you look at this piece long enough you will see the blue dot that is in the middle of this piece.

  13. Martha Guzman

    Hi Mr. Desantis, I think Ghost is a fantastic piece of art,I really like this piece. It looks very interesting and has so much going on that its hard to keep my eyes on just one spot. I like how it looks like the circle continues on infinitely , kind of like a black hole were you don’t know where it will take you or what the end looks like. The colors on the outside of the circle look like the same as on the inside of the circle, but yet they look very different. I really like this piece it looks amazing.

  14. Rachel Sandritter

    After reading the poem I felt like I was able to understand the picture a little more. I felt that all the bright colors of the rainbow represent everyones thoughts, and the experience of life, just everything that goes on in ones brain. From what we get out of everyone and everything we do, we are a reborn version of ourselves.

  15. bri dresh

    When I look at your artwork, I am very intrigued, although one piece appeared more eye opening to me than the others, and that is “Ghost”. I think this is a fantastic and stimulating piece. The internal structure has a variety of colors that makes it hard to focus due to the blending of the hues. The colors are not bold, almost faded. The blue and yellow colors contrast each other and make it pop out more. The movements of the dots float along like spirits trying to find their way to afterlife. It reminds me of a mandala that has been zoomed out of its focal point. You don’t know where this piece is really taking you. I feel as if I can sense its inner existence, its soul. As if your artwork gave me an immediate thrill. I believe that this piece relates much to our existence as humans. As I stare at the big circle, I picture a child gone. An ovum that is not capable of movement. As I look at “Ghost” I cannot help but sing the song Lightening Crashes by Live. In my mind, the two go hand in hand. “The confusion sets in as forces pulls from the center of earth” The art piece strains my eyes due to the movement it produces; yet I cannot take my eyes off it. This piece is mind altering.
    Your art and poetry is striking. Thank you for sharing.

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