Event Horizon





“Event Horizon” – Tullio  – 2013
(click image for larger view)


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4 responses to “Event Horizon

  1. Amanda

    I like this picture because the contrast of the black and white make the ring look like it is silver in color and is lifting off the page, just hanging out in outerspace somewhere.

  2. Edgar Tafolla

    The ring in the center looks 3D. This effect is nicely executed with the dotted background. Also the variation of the dots color in the ring make the background and ring as one. This is interesting and keeps my eye moving.

  3. Josh Grant

    This particular piece was very interesting to me. The spatial contrast between the white dots and black (inverted) background and the illuminating white ring creates a sort of optical illusion to the eye. My eyes can’t help but refocus and stare “through” the piece, causing the ring to seeming glow and the white dots to deceptively shift in front of my eyes. The ring is very well proportioned and the pattern of the dots are rather intricate.

  4. Dennys

    Very interesting piece in my opinion. The ring just seems to stand out a lot and catches my attention. I can’t help but to keep staring at it, it’s like a hypnotic illusion.

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