Life in the Multiverse


The wispy evanescence of things, impossibly complex dynamic patterns, fluid ever-changing realities – all work their way into my eyes, throughout my body, into my mind. Energy surges in oceanic atmospheres. I am surrounded by invisible waves and pulsating fields.

Gravitational signals from early instants of creation animate intergalactic night. Stardust nebulae swarm through dark matter domains. They slide, push, spill and fall into cycles of stellar birth, death and rebirth. Nuclear, electromagnetic energies, photosynthetic life, muscle, bone, heart and brain evoke evolving thought forms. These never cease.

Particles and waves changing in time create complex patterns, iterative, recursive processes. They enter me and change my brain in a loop of natural feedback. I create what I see – reflections of my nature, my universe, the experience of being alive among others of my kind. They are emerging, as you are emerging from your universe and I am emerging from mine.


“Life in the Multiverse” -Tullio DeSantis -2014

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