Turn on, Tune in, Reboot.




“Turn on, Tune in, Reboot.” – Tullio – 2014
(click image for larger view)


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2 responses to “Turn on, Tune in, Reboot.

  1. Yovani

    I like the colorfulness because it sticks out right away at me. The patterns created by the dots help me looks in all directions. The color combinations go well and the pink really draws the eye.

  2. As I gaze at this image, I find myself getting lost in the patterns of the colored particles that consume the bigger picture. The way they all form different shapes yet they’re uniformly placed in the picture- proportionately spaced. The background is interesting too- there are so many colors that fade into one another rather than being one solid color or having the colors visibly separated by lines or other shapes.
    In relation to the title of the work, the viewer needs to turn on their ability to really focus on this image to assess and fully understand what it means to them- how they interpret it. This piece is easy to tune into or get lost in as I stated earlier. After staring at this image for a while, not only does the viewer get lost in the picture but they can get lost in their own thoughts. I think it is important for people to get lost in their own thoughts from time to time, it allows an individual to look at situations and life from a deeper perspective and evaluate various aspects of their life- almost as if they’re rebooting.

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