Mind Changer



“Mind Changer” – Tullio – 2014

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2 responses to “Mind Changer

  1. A.Y.

    The colorful border compliments the center by making it pop. Truly the four tools in the center resemble the tools that can be used by a psychopath, operating on a victim brain, changing his mind.

  2. “Mind Changer” by Tullio (2016)

    I’m always drawn to earthy tones such as in this 16″ x 20″ by Tullio DeSantis. I can make out brick red, red orange, mustard yellow, olive green, a dash of indigo…and maybe purple too. Although it states that this photo was taken in natural white LED light, it’s still cast in shadow. The photographer should have picked a better angle or at least adjusted the lighting.

    These rich colors serve as a background, the entirety of this acrylic painting covered in consciously placed dots. There’s a scalloped border made up of alternating patterns of burnt umber and titanium white dots. With the same alternating dots, I can make out four distinct designs in a sea of simply white dots. They commence from the corners gathering at the center at an angle.

    The top left segment shrinks as it squiggles itself inward. The top right zigzags from the top right corner. The bottom two appear to be arrows; the left zigzags its way up, ending with a curvy head, while the right swirls its way up, ending in an angular head. It makes me wonder if these are signs to look inward since it takes special UV lighting to be able to see this painting from a completely different perspective. It’s like a hidden world; a reflection of one’s inner world.
    Under UV light, we are now able to see blue with splashes of purple and white (especially along the border). The white now has an iridescent quality that remind me of mermaids. All the white dots shimmer except for the dots within the border and designs; they are more subdued, blending into the background. Lastly, I love how organic those dots are; I would love to know what tool was used to apply them.

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