Biofeedback and neurofeedback

My partner in MindReflector Technologies, LLC – a brain/mind training software firm – is Dr. Tom Fink, of Harrisburg. He and I are in Philadelphia this weekend for the annual conference of The Northeast Regional Biofeedback Society.

Neurofeedback trains the mind toward optimal states by gentle guidance and feedback signals, which allow the brain to train itself – thereby making the mind a better place…




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  1. Charles Mangan

    Biofeedback is probably one of the most beneficial advancements in technology if able to be perfected. There is an immense amount of aspects that fall out of biofeedback into many other areas of our society. For starters, the capability to basically tell our mind and body what to do and how to react to certain situations or stressors is unfathomable; beforehand, the concept behind biofeedback is even more. After digging down to the core of what it truly entails is our minds–not our brains–but our minds. That area in which we can self-talk, create imagery, or even music. The part that makes biofeedback so unfathomable is, in order to achieve its purpose, it must ‘tap; into that area, the area that is totally abstract and intangible. We have already began making advancements in this area; foremost, in video gaming, there have been tests and experiments revolving around the person being able to control what is happening on a digital screen, even more, what is being sh shown on that digital screen, all from picking up the electric pulses that our brains are giving off in rapid succession. When I think about this, I begin to question, if we could actually harness that energy/ability what all could we possibly do: Build cars, homes, or even cities? Or maybe even push our physical bodies to a more advanced state? Whatever it may be, biofeedback has the capability to do great things.

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