I Dreamed I Saw the Point

I Dreamed I Saw the Point – Tullio – 2014
(click image for larger view)


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7 responses to “I Dreamed I Saw the Point

  1. Chasity

    If we were to go off the basis of the title of the art piece, I can imagine you looking into your mind with a flashlight and then finding the point at which you were looking for. That uniqueness.

  2. Fallon Skinner

    I can definitely see how the title relates to the picture, because the first thing I thought of was being asleep and entering the beginning stages of a dream. The border of the picture has a nice outer space look to it, with an additional creation of detailed pointillism making up beautiful designs that make the picture more alive. The lightly shaded circle symbolizes a blurred visual of the dream which would then be the beginning stages. The deeper you fall into your sleep, the bigger the circle will get inviting you into this other world which appears to be the opposite of the world you are in judging by the same idea of pointillism, but with the white being the background and the black being the dots. Nice picture! And I’m just throwing this out there, but it can also appear to be one of those magic magnifying glasses that you can use to decode a message or see beyond the visual presented.

  3. Will Patti

    I truly like this one. I like the moon and its glow, and how the white dots on the black background look like stars, making the whole piece like a night sky.

  4. Emerson Chesser

    I really admire this art because of the 3d effect it has. The blurriness around the edges helps to depict the “dream” described in the title. The background sets a good foundation for the center focal point of the drawing. The use of stippling is very complicated, and overall is the most interesting part of this artwork. Every dot seems to play a role and all of the dots depend on another to make this piece whole. The psychedelic effect remains evident even as a black and white drawing, and the depth the art provides here is what captures my eyes.

  5. Ashley

    This piece is also one of my favorites. It looks 3D which I think is very neat. I can definitely see how the title relates to the piece of art. To me it relates in the sense that when your’e dreaming you can only really focus on one point and everything else around is ‘back round’ noise. If I was to go without seeing the title and looking at the piece it would seem as if one was trying to focus on one piece of something and blurring out the rest of the area.

  6. Angelina

    This one is very somnolent to me. I like that it looks like a very vibrant moon because I love the moon, especially when it is full. I see a night sky filled with stars and a constant dark abyss of infinite mysteries. This is by far my favorite. Dreams are something I’ve never had trouble with either. I have them and I remember them, so this piece really talks to me in more ways than one.

  7. Michelle Guzman

    I really like this one. How the lighter circle is clear you can see whats going on in there. I didn’t really notice the waves in the black space because my eyes were drawn to the white spot. Making your point.

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