Liminocentricity – Tullio – 2014
(click image for larger view)


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3 responses to “Liminocentricity

  1. Rachel

    Liminocentricity is a very creative piece. I like the circles and the waves coming from the circle. Kind of like a sun in the sky but in different colors of course. I like how all the colors go together. My eyes go the center of the image even though there is so much going on in the image. I like the magenta color the best in this piece.

  2. rjclyde9

    This piece really caught my eye when i looked at it, all of the colors flow so nicely with one another and almost messes with your eyes when you look at it for a long period of time. Very cool piece.

  3. This piece is very vibrant. To me it is like the sun with it’s rays coming out. Is this how the sun looks at night when we can no longer see it? If you stare at it long enough it becomes more like an eye, and the lines in the very center circle is the viewer seeing into the beholders mind…

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