We Are Automatic



We Are Automatic – Tullio – 2015
(click image for larger view)



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6 responses to “We Are Automatic

  1. Darlene

    I really enjoy how this piece varies in color, it has a very smooth transition. It makes me feel comfortable with the warm color palate used.

  2. Yoly

    This picture is amazing; it attracts my eyes and makes me feel relaxed and calm. I like how the colored dots related one to another and connected in a way that makes a great image.

  3. Diana

    This image looks like it took so much work to fit in so much little detail in one spot. It is very interesting and if you look close enough you can almost spot out different unique shapes in the picture.

  4. Rachel

    I found We Are Automatic very pretty. I like the color purple. I think it would make a good blanket that you hang on the wall. I find it to be a relaxing image as well. The black background really makes the colors pop.

  5. alexaliss96@gmail.com

    The colors in this piece seem to work very well together. All the various shades of purples and reds and blues are beautiful, but can also leave the cold and calculated tone that the poem We are Automatic also conveys. In that sense the piece is an interesting representation of the words in the poem.

  6. This piece was very interesting to observe, especially when coupling it with your poem of the same name. One can almost pick up the energy of the story, that the dots of this piece are “falling in line” but want to be in a state of chaos.

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