Entity_Identity - Tullio - 2015

Entity/Identity – Tullio – 2015
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7 responses to “Entity/Identity

  1. Jami

    This is great. Very awesome the way a specific image is shown as the main shape through the intricate placing of the smaller shapes formed from dots into lines into a portrait. The intention of this piece is communicated clearly.

  2. Darlene

    I feel as though this piece comes off as an optical illusion, at first I saw many little parts but the more I stared at the pieces I saw a face coming to life. When I saw the face I can feel the confusion the person must be feeling with so many thoughts going through their head.

  3. Kevin Mendoza

    This piece looks like a very unique fingerprint. that might be the reason of the name too, because your fingerprints identify you, nobody has two fingerprints with the same pattern, so every single one is unique.

  4. Arlin Salazar

    I really enjoy this image because of the detail it entails. There are so many different details and things going on in the image that make it interesting to look at, everywhere you look it is something different and you would never get bored. All the intricate dots create something new in each area of the shape that appears to me to look like a head. And when you step back and look at it, you can even make a face out of the little images made out of dots. The image to me looks like it is depicting what really goes on in someone’s head. The smoother areas and some harsher lines created by the dots give the picture lots of originality. I think it’s amazing the amount of art that can be done by just beginning with dots. Every single area in this picture is different.

  5. Michelle Vargas

    This piece is very interesting because it conceptualizes different things with use of dots. There are dots that form a shape and some that surround it. If I squint my eyes this shape appears to be a face. And perhaps it is a self- portrait as it looks quite a bit like the artist, Tullio DeSantis. I see an ear, facial bone structure and eye shape that truly resemble Tullio’s. And in addition to appearing to be to being a portrait it looks like a planet with all the small spaced out lots surrounding the bigger ensemble of dots. Tying the idea that this piece is a self- portrait and planet, I think the artist is trying to show us what he believes his place is in this universe. And he is also showing how he feels about his place in the universe and how the universe sees him, which makes sense as the tittle of the piece is called Entity/ Identity.

  6. Matt

    This is an interesting piece. It seems to make an attempt to depict the chaos of the human mind, and the struggles it can go through in trying to determine it’s own identity. It does a good job of showing how much is going on in the human mind at any given moment, and how nothing is never really that simple. I feel the name is very well chosen, as it fits with what the piece tries to show as a whole.

  7. David

    Reading into this piece, there is a face sketched to resemble a fingerprint. Like a fingerprint, everyone is unique, and in some cases incomparable to others’. No two humans have the exact same physical appearance, mindset, thoughts, feelings, etc. The squiggly lines surrounding the face seem to be moving inward and aid in the growing the face, meaning the person is in the process of maturing as all of us do in our lives. Forever growing, our minds will seek knowledge and gather thoughts making up our identity, unique for everyone.

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