Portrait and a Dream


Portrait and a Dream – Tullio – 2015

(click image for larger view)


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4 responses to “Portrait and a Dream

  1. Rachel

    I found Portrait and a Dream very intriguing. I liked the many different colored dots in the image. It reminded me of some of my dreams. When I dream they are usually very colorful. The image on the left reminds me of a angel and the image on the right reminds me of a dragon. Looks like both images have wings.

  2. Luis

    This piece projects many images which is what has caught my attention. The difference of colors reflect many different stories that one itself can project in the mind and create infinite illusions. Another things that I love from this piece is that there are two spots with this illusion, showing just many different outcomes , for example: A man and a bird.

  3. Celia Torres

    For some odd reason, this piece looks like a scene on space. The black background and the white bottom, it looks like it takes place on some planet or the moon. The reds, yellows, and purples in the piece really stand out to me. There is also a lot of energy and movement within each of the figures and they really stand out from the black background.

  4. Nicole

    I think “Portrait and a Dream” could be interpreted in many different ways. In my opinion, the larger figure could portray the person dreaming and has a smaller person or animal hovering over them or it could be the other way around. The white horizontal block toward the bottom of the image could represent either the ground or a cloud. Either way, this piece is very dream like. Sometimes dreams are very clear and appear realistically while other times they are undefined and more abstract. The yellow accents on the larger figure make it seem as if it is glowing or emitting some type of light in those areas. The color choice in “Portrait of a Dream” reminds me of how thermal imaging displays the different colors of the electromagnetic spectrum. Overall, I enjoyed this piece because it allows the viewer to use their imagination to interpret the image.

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