The Center of the Cyclone


The Center of the Cyclone – Tullio – 2015
(click image for larger view)


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8 responses to “The Center of the Cyclone

  1. katelyn

    This painting reminds me of an Easter egg. with all the snow we had this year and the chilly days this painting sure dose bring out spring. its a colorful piece that on this rainy day make me want to have spring come faster. I love the colorful piece they really catch my eye.

  2. Sarah Weld

    I find this piece very busy. However the center of a cyclone is expected to be chaotic. it isn’t just busy and chaotic, but it also has a balance.This is thanks to the color and the shapes that are created.

  3. rjclyde9

    This piece makes me feel what amazing things are able to be created with color, there is so much activity going on inside the circle it makes me think of all of the spring colors that we hope to see soon.

  4. Logan Pettinato

    Because the title is “the center of the cyclone” the giant circle with all of the art work in it makes me believe that, that is the eye. And everything that is going on within that circle is all of the cyclones visions, and thoughts of what he may be seeing. All of the color collaborations and designs make the art piece wonderful to look at, and shows the cyclone lives somewhere that isn’t covered in snow and ice.

  5. Diana

    When I think of a cyclone I think a about a lot of destruction being done to the land. The many different patterns in this picture can resemble the destruction a cyclone leaves behind.

  6. Cody Yerger

    The contrast of the vibrant colors that make the circle, against the black space causes the circle to pop out and provides for high amounts of energy. This seems odd at first as the center of a cyclone is calmer than the surrounding areas of the storm. The circle in the piece can represent how the clouds are separated to form an opening in the center of the storm. After observing the image for some time the connection of the piece and the real world description can be made by comparing the amount of force that creates the center of a cyclone, with the high amounts of energy shown with color.

  7. Matthew Craig

    I really enjoy looking at this picture, the colors really make it stand out. I enjoy how each color has it’s own little special design. They are all very different, however; the still work well together. I would honestly say the white pattern designs are my absolute favorite. They pop, as well as; attract my eyes

  8. Nicole

    When I initially viewed “The Center of the Cyclone,” it reminded me of an Ishihara plate that eye doctors use to test patients for color blindness. However, after reading the title of this piece I formed different interpretations. Cyclones are typically very destructive and disruptive of their surroundings. They cause chaos amongst communities that sweeps up and then discards anything that stands in their path. I think the different colors in “The Center of the Cyclone” represents the mixture of the storm and the different types of debris it picked up along its way. The colorful designs throughout this piece are beautiful and intricate.

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