The Mind in the Cloud


The Mind in the Cloud – Tullio – 2015
(click image for larger view)


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2 responses to “The Mind in the Cloud

  1. William Barrera

    This drawing represents the way a mind can wonder so much that it can get up high in the sky without depending on a physical body. The mind has the power to experience what a cloud can and that is to take whatever shape it desires. The mind, when compared to any other body part, has the power to push beyond unseen boundaries. As depicted by the pictures, the form and shapes made by the dots cannot be understood without understanding the connections between them. At the same time, it is interesting to know that each person’s mind could interpret the different connections in infinite number of ways, from the curvy lines to the roses shape present. At the end, however, it is what it truly is, and that is a remarkable and stunning piece of art. The mind in the cloud, is subjective to the viewer, but isn’t that the case for almost every shape in this world? Associations only make sense when one wishes to see something, and that something in many occasions is missed or ignored by others. That is why the surrounding physical parts of the mind have to be coherent with what the mind desires to portray. What the image portrays is constantly change. Let the mind wonder in the cloud, but do not let it forget it needs the physical to stay grounded and recognize beauty.

  2. Torres

    This drawing represents the way a mind been wonder when there a lot going on in your mind. Also when people are thinking too much and go to another place. Indeed this drawing represent a lot to me because I see what is going on in our mind when we are thinking so high when we are out of our planet. The mind, can show many shapes that can show people how it works when we are thinking many thing in life. The mind can show more things that other body part. Also this drawing can show many thing that is going on in our mind that’s if you look very closely. This drawing looks that is about flower it doesn’t even look that is talking about mind. Because the way that this drawing is painted it looks that is another thing going on. This picture caught my attention because that way I see this drawing is amazing. At the same time, this drawing is interesting to me because there’s many way that people can see these drawing. I love the way this drawing look and also what it represent. It seen like is a flower drawing but it’s not is represent the beauty of mind and what it’s going in on in mind when we out of space. However, for me this is the best drawing I ever seen and interesting because that way this drawing explain the beauty of life.

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