Nocturnal Mind Expansion




Nocturnal Mind Expansion – Tullio – 2015
(click image for larger view)


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11 responses to “Nocturnal Mind Expansion

  1. Shauna Schaffer

    I see this as the mind of someone who struggles with insomnia and the constant thinking that can keep them awake. The mind is never at rest for someone with insomnia no matter the time of night, the mind is always active with random thoughts.

  2. Carlos

    This is like one of those “Eureka!” moments. Where your thinking about something and it all just comes to you instantly. Awesome. It also looks like something incredible just happened and a minds been blown.

  3. Mayra

    This piece is amazing! I love the colors and how dynamic the forms are. It reminds me of pop art from comic books- nice bright colors, a dynamic outward feeling, and it seems to have a speech bubble around it. Even though the focal point seems to be encased, there are little details that help the eye stay in the focal point.

  4. Larisa

    I like this art piece very much. The catchy title is what drew me in. I’m a nocturnal person, and seeing this reminds me of how it is at night. I want to sleep at night, but then something ends up happening. I feel like when I try to sleep at night, all of these bright lights and everything bother me. All of the different colors remind me of the different thoughts that keep me awake at night. It is beautifully put together, and I find myself wanting to try to make something out of the different shapes in this art piece.

  5. Hayden

    I really like this piece of art and how it expresses the mind. It shows how scattered and complicated the mind is and expresses it with different designs and colors. Also each line and color shows the specific parts of the mind that attribute to your every moves and thoughts.

  6. Tim B

    I see fireworks. This piece reminds me of many July Fourth fireworks celebration finales. The jumble of explosions and the shooting sparks are everywhere. I can almost hear the booms.

  7. Manda

    Often nights my thoughts are just flowing and the way this piece shows the movement and diversity of shapes, its similar to the way thoughts dance around in my mind.

  8. Dennys

    This reminds me a lot of fireworks and amusement park lights at night. You experience then and then all you remember is a blur of lights. Everyone sees something different but that’s what this image reminds me of.

  9. Angelina

    I love how versatile this is. I can really see the brain, with electricity and sparks of ideas exploding uncontrollably throughout it. It reminds me of the night thoughts that overwhelm us when we lie in bed alone. But it also reminds me of all the creative and maybe a bit crazy ideas that we inevitably come up with when deprived of sleep at 3am. This is a piece I really like!

  10. I like this piece because the view itself is enough to expand your mind. Though the title says expansion, i get explosion. Sometimes when you are learning new things to expand your mind it gets heavy and stressful, or even just so amazing that your brain can not take it so it explodes . This looks like the aftermath of exploring a new subject or hobby where you just want more than you can handle in a good way.

  11. Matthew Taylor

    “Nocturnal Mind Expansion” resonates with me because I’ve always been drawn to the way lights seem to really be vivid and pop at night time. This piece just really resembles that same phenomenon for me and it attracted me right away.

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