Emergence of Thought


Emergence of Thought – Tullio – 2015
(click image for larger view)


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2 responses to “Emergence of Thought

  1. I think the title of this piece suits it well. It is as if the black bars are each individual thought and the thins lines between them are connecting them all. I see the white blotches as the thoughts while they are still forming. It is all gibberish until it is completely formed and made clear.

  2. Mary Ann Hess

    I absolutely LOVE this piece! Okay, being of the psychology and spritual mind set of course I will look at it through that filter. So initially I look at the very bottom of the piece because of the title and the layered effect leads me to interpret a building up and release of mental and spiritual creation. I look at this as three levels of consciousness.
    Firstly, at the bottom is the subconscious thought. This is where our experiences in life, interactions with others, and spiritual aspects play a role in the very beginning of the thought process we have. This is where our unconscious mind manipulates these experiences into motivations, emotions, and the development of action. I feel you captured this well with the unified white area infused with this level. I feel that the unattached circular area relates more to the self rather than the experiences and the experiences are the meandering white area.
    In my perspective the largely white areas in between each level are symbolic of time and in this time is where the soul digests and prepares for each level. The dots interconnecting these levels are reminiscent of this activity. It’s a peaceful yet distinct level within its self.
    The middle level is consciousness and within this is where we are conscious of our ideas, thoughts, and emotions. In turn, this is where we present them to the outside world. This seems to be illustrated from the person like figure in the midst of what seems to be clouds, water and even waves. The spiral like image behind the person can be perceived as the inevitable never ending change in all of these thoughts and feelings. Again, separating the next level is another chance for the soul to encompass the experiences involved in this process.
    Finally the last level is the conscious rising to meet the superconscious. Here we see what seems to be a human figure in fetal position next to what seems to be an angelic figure. These figures plus the other white areas, in which I feel represent other levels of attainment that we carry with us during the conscious phase are being prepared for the ultimate level of spiritual attainment. The circle, I believe represents the soul as separate entity from the physical body. This also shows the human and angelic figure raising up in to the universe to be eventually release in the final soul level. This level is where the human aspect of life and soul is released and becomes “God” like.

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